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Prescription compounding services

Through a fully licensed pharmacy specializing in compounding high quality pharmaceutical preparations, OmniVet Pharma is able to serve Canadian veterinarians from coast to coast. We are able to accept prescriptions from all bonafide prescribers in Canada when a true patient-practitioner relationship exists. Prescribers may write for any drug product or active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) that is currently on the approved drug listing of Health Canada. Any registered product that is discontinued or is temporarily not available may be prescribed. Also any unique drug formulation, combination or strength of a drug(s) a prescriber may decide to use for any number of reasons, may be compounded pursuant to a proper prescription. 

Since it is the prescriber that takes on the responsibility for the use of a compounded product, every guarantee that the product is of the highest quality including proper API, strength, purity and stability is assured. GMP standards for quality assurance are internationally recognized and require stringent testing of raw materials and finished product, validation of all protocols and formulae and comprehensive staff training. Our compounding pharmacy affiliate provides Omnivet Pharma Formulas that you have known to use and trust for years. For a short video introduction to our services and our president, see this link

RATES AND SERVICES - Unique compounded solutions to your unique needs

Please contact us for compounded veterinary product pricing or for a private and customized QA services quote for your question or project. From one-time only projects to continuous Q.A. Management retainer contracts, we can fit your needs like no other.